What We Do

Since 1999, The Center for Science Education and Outreach has provided programs and services that lead to student academic success, increased college-going rates and exploration of various STEM careers for the students and schools we serve.
Call for volunteers -- Student and Postdocs: Present to high school students for Early Academic Outreach. National Youth Leadership Forum: Thursday June 27th & Monday July 22nd, 1 pm to 2:05 pm, Parnassus Campus. Learn more and share the flyer.
Early Academic Outreach Program: Supporting underrepresented and disadvantaged students. Inside UCSF: Outreach to undergraduates interested in pursuing careers in health and science. Mathematics, Engineering, Science Achievement: Enhancing math and science eligibility of middle and high school students exploring STEM opportunities. Upward Bound: Helping high school students from low-income and first generation families prepare for  college entrance.